Everything dance pros need to get back to dancing this fall!

August 26 – 30, 2024

Be a part of one of the most anticipated Free BundleS for DANCE PROFESSIONALS


Hello there! 
I’m Kelly of 8 Count Content & I’m bringing back the Back-to-Dance Bundle this year from Aug 26 – 30, 2024.

This is the perfect bundle
for you if:

  • you’re looking to grow your email list in anticipation of a fall/winter offer.
  • you want to gain exposure for your brand.
  • you are ready to help build community with fellow online dance business owners.

How It Works For You

confirm your interest

Please confirm that you’re interested in participating by 6/24 by filling out the contributor application Those accepted will receive an email by 6/28 at the latest.


You have until 7/15 to submit your details & until 8/5/23 to submit your free gift. Your free gift must be ready to will be hosted on your own private link.


Share! Let your audience know all about this FREE bundle by sharing out the registration page starting on 8/12/23. We’ll share swipe files to make sharing really easy for you!


Get ready to enjoy all your new subscribers. Watch your sale and subscriber numbers soar throughout the bundle. Make sure to nurture all your new friends. 

How It Works For Your Audience

Your audience arrives on the free registration page for our bundle beginning 8/12.

After signing up through the registration page, your audience will receive a special link to the gift mall page which will be live 8/26 – 8/30.

Your audience gets to pick and choose and individually sign up for the gifts that they want.

Everybody is happy and walks away with amazing gifts that’s going to help them get back to dancing!

What I’ll Need From You

I hope you’re feeling good about your decision to join so far. If that’s the case, here is a list of things I’ll need from you in order make it official.

1- We need to know that you’re interested.

You’ll fill out the contributor form by 6/24/24. The following info will help you prep to answer the contributor’s form.

2- your basic information

Here’s what I need from you: Your name and/or the name of your biz; email address; web address; your social handles; a short bio; a headshot (300×300 px); 

3- Details of your contribution

You will need to provide the landing page for your gift for people to sign up (due 8/5). In addition, you’ll need to provide the following by 7/15: Topic your gift covers; a 500×500 pixel mockup of your gift; name & value of your free gift; description of your gift; landing URL of your gift; description of your gift (make it enticing! focus on the transformation it provides!)

4- Promotion & Eligibility Requirements

Your gift must serve the dance community and follow the guidelines listed below. You must promote the bundle in your email list with at least two dedicated emails and on social media with at least one dedicated post. (don’t worry, templates will be provided). 

Your landing page for your gift must include the bundle logo (will be provided). 

Your opt-in & delivery system must be ready for testing by 8/5.

gift requirements


Almost anything you sell can be added to the bundle. (But here’s a list of “no”s, to help you narrow it down:)

NO: quizzes, contests/sweepStakes, 1:1 calls with you, cheesy 3 page pdfs, webinar replays or current lead magnets/things we can find on your site for free right now are not allowed. 
**Remember the higher quality the gift, the more sign-ups you will get**

If you’re not sure what to offer, let me know and we can chat about it.

Naturally, we’ll create a bigger buzz & get more eyeballs to this giveaway if our collection of free gifts as a whole sounds super impressive.

Your gift should be something:

1) You could charge $27- 97 for.  $40 is a sweet spot.

2) Isn’t currently on your site for free.

3) Everyone can have instant access to 

4) And again, no quizzes, contest, 1:1 calls with you, cheesy 3 page pdfs or webinar replays with a “full-on pitch” of your paid offers (A brief mention of where they can learn more about your paid offer is cool.)

Q & A

Dance professionals are the main target for the Back-To-Dance Free Bundle. That includes dance studio owners, independent dance teachers, dance business owners, dance performers and more. Depending how many gifts are included in this year’s bundle, there might be a chance for more targeted gift sections. 

You might think you’re going to get a million unsubscribes, BUT, it isn’t so. Sure, you might see an uptick in unsubscribes, but if your free gift is rock-solid ( I know it is! ) and your welcome-series nurtures your new audience, they will be more primed to buy from you.

Last year’s participants averaged 100 new people to their email list. Some got a bit higher, some a bit lower.

Just like you, other online dance business owners are constantly looking for ways to get in front of new audiences & grow their email list that won’t cost them a lot of time or money.  (Again there’s a reason why you keep on reading the same stats over and over again about email marketing) 

Have you seen the stats on email marketing? (They’re insane.) Email works! And since you want to connect your people to the best resources, they’ll be happy to hear about this bundle. And since everyone in the bundle is sending those email, it’s a win-win-winning situation.

Everything in the bundle should be related to dance professionals in some way. Got great lesson plans for dance teachers? Perfect. Have a printable recital binder? Awesome. If you cater to the dance industry you might be a great fit for the bundle!


Yes! There is no guarantee that everyone interested in the bundle will be selected for the bundle. The BTDB is focused on ensuring it contains the highest quality gifts. But, if not selected this round, there will be a waitlist for the next Dance Bundle.



Please confirm your interest in the bundle by emailing me.


Those selected to participate in this bundle will be notified by email.


All information due for bundle inclusion.
Gift link due.


Bundle promo & live dates!

Got Questions?

Please email me and I’ll be in touch. Remember, the deadline to show your interest in the bundle is 6/24/24.

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